30. May 2022

Trail maps now online

The page about the trail has received an update today. It now features two embedded Google maps of both loops that make up the Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra. This gives…
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28. May 2022

2023 training course details

Once again, Per and his team from Rimfrost Adventures will be hosting the MLAU training course. It will take place immediately before the race and thus enable athletes to do…
Copyright: Linnéa Isaksson @Follow The Sun Photography
9. May 2022

MLAU 2023 will start March 5th

It took a bit longer to set next year’s start date because there was a delay regarding confirmation of the timing for the Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra.  Now that this…
Copyright: Linnéa Isaksson @Follow The Sun Photography
15. April 2022

The MLAU 2022 documentary is out now!

It is here! The documentary of the very first Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra is now online 🙂 Thank you Silverbullet Film for the hard work while filming and the many…
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20. March 2022

The first MLAU is history

So, this is it. My first winter of organising two Montane Arctic Ultras is coming to an end. What an experience it has been. After a challenging race in Canada…
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11. March 2022

What a race!

We managed to be very active on social media but there has been little times for detailed updates here on the website. So, if you want to catch up on…
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7. March 2022

The Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra 2022 has started!

We had an absolutely fantastic pre-race dinner last night at Jockfall and as if that was not enough, when we were done eating, all could see some really great Northern…
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28. February 2022

Only 5 more days!

It has been a very busy few weeks. Many people here in the Heart of Lapland have joined forces to make sure the participants of the first Montane Lapland Arctic…
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14. January 2022

Sveaskog supports efforts for MLAU trail

Sveaskog has got more than 800 employees throughout Sweden and is owned by the Swedish state. This company owns 14% of the forest land in Sweden, making them the country’s…
2. January 2022

Kahtoola sponsors MLAU 2022

There are more dangers to the winter than hypothermia and frostbite. It’s an obvious one! Yes, I am talking about slippery surfaces due to ice or snow. Right when I…
21. December 2021

Fjällcom – our partner for GPS tracking and communication

In recent years, tracking athletes during a race and thus making the adventure more visible for us and everybody back home, has become a very important feature. The Montane Yukon…
20. December 2021

OutMeals – our official supplier of expedition meals

Studies conducted by Dr. med. Mathias Steinach from the Center for Space Medicine Berlin during the Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra have confirmed that athletes during an extreme winter race burn…
18. December 2021

Cumulus Excuistic 1200 – the official MLAU sleeping bag

At any multi-day winter adventure the sleeping bag is a key piece of equipment. It will determine if you have a great night’s sleep or if you suffer. In really…
12. December 2021

BICO tutorials mandatory for all MLAU athletes

Hypothermia and cold injuries are amongst the main concerns when participating in any outdoor activity in winter. So, knowing how to avoid these dangerns is very important for all MLAU…
2. December 2021

Please meet Silverbullet Film

Whilst we will have the adventure of a lifetime, our friends, family and collegues only can follow us from at home. They will get to see some great photos and…
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26. October 2021

Introducing Linnéa Isaksson, our race photographer

I am very happy to be able to introduce you to the official MLAU 2022 race photographer. Her name is Linnéa Isaksson. Linnéa is a full-time photographer, equestrian and traveler.…
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14. September 2021

The making of an Arctic Ultra

Last winter Håkan Hjort and Ted Logart from Swedish Lapland filmed myself, Linnea Nilsson-Waara, Niclas Bentzer and Robin Landin during two days of checking trails and infrastructure for the first…
23. June 2021

Maximum distance increases to 500 km

I somehow have got the feeling that these news will excite all athletes signed up already and also those considering an entry: At the premiere of the Montane Lapland Arctic…
2. May 2021

Accommodation options

There are now more details available on accommodation options and cost. For all the information please check out the travel section. Also, just a quick reminder to all of you who…
2. April 2021

Rimfrost Adventures confirms training course

Per from Rimfrost Adventures has confirmed the details of the training course for the Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra 2022 athletes who need to or want to take part. For detailed…
12. March 2021

Maximum distance of 470 km

I can now confirm that our longer distance will be a total of 470 km. The time limit for this distance is 10 days. If trail conditions are great everybody…
9. March 2021

MLAU 2022 will start March 6th

The Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra 2022 will start in Överkalix on March 6th. At this point in time I can also confirm that we will have a distance of 185…
2. March 2021

Testing the SOTO Stormbreaker

For the Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra SOTO is one of our sponsors and their Stormbreaker is the stove we recommend. While I was trail scouting this February I had the…
24. February 2021

Preparing for 2022

I just got back from an epic 3 week work trip to Överkalix. Together with local guides and experts Niclas Bentzer, Robin Landin, Henrik Drugge, Rikard Boudin and Daniel Cedering…
15. December 2020

Your Swedish Lapland winter adventure

There won't be a Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra this winter but you can still travel to Swedish Lapland and have an adventure on your own. Rimfrost Adventures will be holding…
11. December 2020

MLAU 2021 cancelled

Hi everyone, the Swedish Government announced new measures in the fight against Covid-19. These measures will come into effect December 14th and replace any regulations currently in place in individual…
5. December 2020

Introducing you to Överkalix Camping – Start/Finish/CP #4

Today I want to introduce you to Överkalix Camping where we will be hosted by Sofi Holmgren and her team. Överkalix Camping has got a campground with 85 tent sites,…
28. November 2020

Firepot official partner for expedition meals

I am very happy to announce that the British company Firepot will be the official partner for expedition meals at the Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra. I have tried out quite…
26. November 2020

SOTO new MLAU sponsor

SOTO was founded in 1978 in Japan and introduced to the world market in 2010. Since then, they have been awarded five coveted industry awards for their flaming devices. Dedicated…
24. November 2020

From Överkalix to Mars!

After having joined us already several times in the Yukon, Dr. Mathias Steinach from the Center of Space Medicine Berlin and his team will also travel with us to Överkalix.…
18. November 2020

Introducing you to Jockfall – CP #2

With this post I would like to introduce you to Jockfall which is checkpoint #2 at the Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra. It is simply beautiful! Great people, an amazing restaurant…
18. November 2020

Things to do in Överkalix: Meet Hilda and Petter

Apart from providing you all with the information you need for a great race, I will also use the next couple of months to introduce you to some of the…
16. November 2020

Survival Training Course

We have found a great partner to organise the course for all Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra 2021 athletes who want to or need to do some training before the race.…
25. October 2020

New race in Överkalix, Swedish Lapland

Start and finish of the Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra (MLAU) will be in Överkalix, Sweden. It will enable the athletes to experience Swedish-Lapland, an area that is often referred to…