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Official MLAU 2023 video documentary

By 13. May 2023NEWS ENGLISH
Callum at work; Copyright: Swedish Lapland

2023 saw the second edition of the Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra. Whilst the year before temperature were rather “mild”, this winter it got really cold. At – 35 degrees Celsius even veterans had some challenging nights. Overall, it was another great race in a beautiful region, with a super crew and perfect hosts.

We had not planned to produce a video. However, Callum got enough material with his iphone and he has the skills needed for editing. So, we decided to give it a go. A big thank you to all athletes who supported this effort with a financial contribution! And thank you Callum for the great job you always do, that allows others to be part of the adventure from the comfort of a warm room and that enables all those who were part of it, to re-live unforgettable moments!