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Training Course

For our third edition race in Sweden there is one survival course available. It takes place immediately before the MLAU. This offers you the opportunity to do a course and the race on one trip. Other advantages of participating in a course in the Swedish Lapland are:

  • you give yourself some time for acclimatisation
  • for the outdoor parts of the course you are on the same type of trails you will be on during the MLAU
  • the course is organised by people with substantial winter survival skills, specific to the area our race will be in

If time and budget allow for it, you can of course also do a course one winter and then come back to do the MLAU the next winter.

The course aims at teaching you the skills to become confident and proficient at working in cold temperatures allowing you to maximise your potential in the MLAU or similar events and expeditions.

Overview “Arctic Training Course”

This course will be run with a maximum of 12 people and is geared towards those entering or intending to enter the MLAU. However, it is also open to anybody doing other winter ultra events or expeditions as the skills of course are not just required for the MLAU.

Time: February 25th – February 28th, 2025

The course is all about learning the basic skills to handle the harsh Arctic winter environment.

The main idea is to give you lots of time to handle yourself and your equipment in a winter environment. Learning – repeating – adapting and finding out what works best for you.

This will be a practical experience in spectacular surroundings that will prepare you for the Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra.

The main topics to be covered in the four days will be:

  • Indoor winter theory lesson
  • Outdoor practise “how to stay warm and dry”
  • Frostbite first aid training
  • Packing the pulk
  • Fire making
  • How and where to rest
  • Using your stove
  • Melting snow
  • Setting up camp/bivy
  • Sleeping outside
  • Ice safety and how to read nature

Cost for the course including 25% VAT is SEK 9,900 (excluding transfer and accommodation). The course and accommodation are in Jockfall. To book the course, accommodation and a transfer, please contact MLAU via email