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Our headquarter before the race will be in Jockfall. So, of course it will be very convenient for athletes to base themselves in and around Jockfall. Below you get an overview of the options.

In general, the room situation in the Överkalix Kommun is a bit different from regions that have a lot of hotels. With the exception of the Grand Arctic Resort, most accommodation consists of cabins. Therefore, in Jockfall, one of the goals will be to get all of you who do not mind, to share a cabin with other athletes. For those of you who seek privacy and prefer not to share, we will of course find a way to accomplish that, too. Or you can make a booking at the Grand Arctic Resort. Please just note that this hotel is about a 30 minutes drive from Jockfall.

Here are your options for Jockfall (all rates including tax):

  1. Jockfall Apartments – They have two different types of luxurious apartments that fit up to 6 and up to 4 guests each. For the race it is our goal to have at least 3 athletes per apartment. Each apartment has got two separate bedrooms. The larger ones (for up to 6 people) also have an open loft. The cost for the large cabin is SEK 2,300/night and the smaller cabins are SEK 1,900. So, if three people share, the cost of a large cabin it a bit more thank SEK 767/night/person. Should you decide you want to have more people in the apartment, that is of course possible and will further bring down the cost per person.
  2. Jockfall Hostel – This place used to be a school and now is a simple hostel. It features 4 bedrooms with 2 beds each. Showers and washrooms are shared and there is also a sauna. Cost is SEK 300/night for each bed.
  3. Jockfall Cabins – These are small and simple cabins, right by the restaurant. The bathroom and showers are in a central service building, i.e. not in the cabin. Cost is SEK 250/night for each bed.
  4. Jockfall Camping – Should you travel to Jockfall in an RV, the parking including electricity is SEK 300/night.

For athletes staying in Jockfall (before and after the race) transfers from Överkalix to Jockfall and from Jockfall to Överkalix are included.

Options for Överkalix:

Athletes and friends or family members of athletes who stay in the Grand Arctic Resort get a 20% discount on the regular room rate. For any bookings please email to make your booking and let them know you are with the MLAU. You also get 20% off their winter activities.

On the website of Heart of Lapland you will also find some other options for places to stay.

Please note that we will see that we can find a way to make travel possible for people who prefer not to use a car once in Sweden, i.e. shuttles from the airport to Överkalix and Jockfall (see also below). We will arrange for a couple of shuttle rides from Jockfall to Överkalix for any shopping, too. However, the easiest way to get around after arrival at Lulea Airport is a rental car. Not only can you then drive straight to your accommodation but locally you can go anywhere at anytime.

There is a private facebook group for all athletes on the race roster. This group is the perfect place to get in touch with others and to make plans for the sharing of accommodation and/or rental cars.

IMPORTANT: For any bookings at Jockfall please email me at I will then assist/co-ordinate.

Rental cars and transfer (to/from Lulea airport)

Most athletes will arrive to the region at Lulea airport (see also below). From there to Överkalix it is about 110 km. Transport from the airport to Överkalix and back is not part of the race package. So, all athletes need to make their own arrangements. The options are rental car, taxi transfer and bus.

1) Rental Car

MLAU Sponsor REKO Biluthyrning is a car dealership and rental car company in Överkalix and Kalix. They will offer the following rates (all including Swedish VAT) to athletes of the MLAU:

  • SEK 1,500 for 1 day rental car
  • SEK 6,000 for a 10 day rental car
  • SEK 8,000 for a 15 day rental car

Please note that from 2023 onwards they do not offer a pick-up or drop-off at Lulea airport anymore, i.e. if you want to rent with them, it will only work if you made your way to Överkalix in another way (transfer, bus or catching a ride up with another athlete). The same applies after you drop off the car, i.e. you need to have another solution to get to Lulea airport again.

For rental car bookings please email They will need the following from you

* Name on the driver
* Rental date and time
* Special requests (automatic transition, skibox)

Payment is via credit card.

2) Transfer

Jockfall will help with transfers from Lulea airport to Jockfall and back to the airport after the race. The transfer costs SEK 3,000 (including Swedish VAT) for the van/trip, i.e. if one person is on the van, it’s SEK 3,000 for that person. If there are 2 persons, it’s SEK 1,500/person, and so on. How many people fit on the van will depend on how much luggage each passenger has. Then there is the challenge of managing different arrival times. Please contact me (Robert Pollhammer) with your travel details if you want to get this transfer. I will do my best to make the van as full as possible in order to keep the cost per person low.

3) Bus

The cheapest way to get to Överkalix from Lulea airport is via airport shuttle bus. Per person it costs SEK 350 one way. From the bus stop to most of the central accommodation in Överkalix it is another SEK 60 for a taxi. If your accommodation is in Jockfall the transfer to Jockfall is free of charge (please book it when you confirm your accommodation booking).

To book the shuttle bus you need to call + 46 926-756 95. They speak English and need your reservation before 5 PM on the day before you intend to travel.

Please note: There is one big drawback to the shuttle bus option. The maximum weight allowance for luggage is 20 kg!

By Air

The closest airport to Överkalix is Luleå (LLA). You can reach it via Stockholm Arlanda International Airport (ARN) with SAS and Norwegian.

By Train

The SJ night train from Stockholm is a comfortable option. It passes by Luleå where you can continue by car or bus.

By Bus

Travelling by bus is easy, the distances are manageable and the routes scenic.

Information on options you will find here:

Länstrafiken Norrbotten (for local bus time tables)

By Car

The International E-road network crossing the heart of Swedish Lapland, includes E4, E8 and E10. When coming from abroad, it might be interesting to know that the borders between Sweden, Norway and Finland are open and you may pass without any border control.

For more information on travel option and the many things you can do in Swedish Lapland if you ever come back for a vacation or plan on extending your stay before or after the race, please check out and