Race Info

Race course

The Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra will take place on snowmobile trails in Swedish Lapland. Start and finish is in the small town of Överkalix, in the Swedish province of Norbotten.

The 185 km racers will go in a loop from Överkalix to the north and then back again to Överkalix, crossing the Arctic Circle twice. The 500 km racers will then go on a second and different loop of 315 km, again, heading north and then coming back to Överkalix. On both race distances the athletes will travel on rivers, lakes and through forests.

The trail will be marked. However, if there is fresh snow or a lot of wind it will be difficult to find the trail. If you want to enhance your ability to understand your orientation, we recommend you use a GPS. You will find necessary co-ordinates and more information on the race course in the “Trail Description” (see “Service” section).

Start time, date and location

The Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra 2022 will start on March 6th. The time for the start is 09:30 AM.

We will start near Överkalix Camping in Överkalix next to the Kalix river. A detailed description of the location is given at the race briefing. If there is not sufficient snow cover on the sidewalks we will provide transportation for the pulk sleds. Timing for this will be announced at the race briefing.

Preliminary pre-race schedule for 2022

February 28th – March 3rd, 2022
Training Course (mandatory for athletes without extreme cold weather experience)

March 3rd, 2022
15:00 – 18:00 Hand-Out of the rental gear (Folkets Hus, Överkalix)

Athletes who participate in the Survival Course will receive their rental gear from the organiser of the course on February 28th.

March 4th, 2022
09:00 – 12:00 Hand-in of any missing paper work, hand-out of Garmin inReach, maps, race bibs, filling-in and signing of CARA waiver (Folkets Hus, Överkalix)
14:00 – 15:00 Volunteer briefing for all volunteers (Folkets Hus, Överkalix)
15:00 – 16:00 Medical briefing for all medical team members (Folkets Hus, Överkalix)

March 5th, 2022
09:00 – 11:00 Official trail and inReach briefing (Folkets Hus, Överkalix)
11:30 – 14:00 Gear check (Folkets Hus, Överkalix)
Drop bags can be handed in at the Folkets Hus from 17:00 until 21:00.

March 6th, 2022
09:30 Start of the Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra, Överkalix Camping, Överkalix


You may choose your mode of discipline, which can be either mountain bike, xc-skis or foot.


The race is open for men, women and teams of 2 or more athletes. No minors. Athletes in the team category will automatically be ranked as individuals, too.

Extreme conditions

Due to the very difficult conditions caused by

  • the extreme coldness in Swedish Lapland in March,
  • the nature of the trail and
  • the distance which will have to be covered by the athletes

the Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra is among the world’s toughest ultra races.

Situations which under normal circumstances don’t cause any problems can become absolutely life threatening in the dead of winter in the North of Sweden. Please keep this in mind at all times and carefully read the information that is part of the application and waiver. If you sign up please also read our FAQ section and all other pages on this website. Come back regularly to check if there are any news. In addition it is recommended you visit our facebook page as often as possible.

Distances (last updated March 12th, 2021):

Km between CPs
Km accumulated
Polar Circle Cabin
Överkalix (185 km finish)
Polar Circle Kojan
Rikti Dokkas
Överkalix (500 km finish)
503 km

There will be hot water for the racers at every checkpoint. It will depend on the possible Covid-19 restrictions if we also will provide a meal at every checkpoint. At this point in time, we do not plan on providing this service.
Please note that due to weather conditions the trail may change and distances may differ accordingly.

Drop bags

The 500 km racers will be given the opportunity to access a “travelling” drop bag at Jockfall, Överkalix (after 185 km) and Nattavaara. For more details please see the Rules.


There will be no purse.

Record Times

Looking forward to fill these in after our first race in 2022!