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December 2020

Your Swedish Lapland winter adventure

There won’t be a Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra this winter but you can still travel to Swedish Lapland and have an adventure on your own. Rimfrost Adventures will be holding the training course. So, if you signed up for it, you can still do it. If you are interested, please get in touch with course organiser, Per. He will let you know if there are any places left.

Also, Jockfall and Överkalix Camping have put together an offer for anyone who would like to get to know Överkalix, Jockfall and surrounding area this winter. Explore Jockfall joined in the effort and also put something very interesting together for you. So, here are the options:


You book nights in your accommodation and then you add on some activities. For 5 nights stay you get 20% discount and for 7 night stay you get 30% discount off your cabin rental with Jockfall and with Överkalix Camping. You can combine the two places as you wish.

Regular prices Överkalix Camping:
4-6 beds cabin with fully equipped kitchen, TV, WiFi, WC/shower is SEK 1,595 per night. Extras are bedlinen and towels SEK 150 per person/stay and departure cleaning SEK 800 SEK (you can also chose to clean yourself).

Regular prices Jockfall:
6-bed lodge with fully equipped kitchen, TV, WiFi, WC/shower is SEK 1,800/night. Extras and cleaning as above.

Booking is via email to Sofi Holmgren ( for Överkalix Camping and Robin Landin ( for Jockfall. When emailing them, please just mention the booking code “Lapland Arctic Ultra”.

Activities will be able upon request and you will also get information on trails you can use to get plenty of time for training outdoors.


Another option is that you can book a 5 days (4 nights) package with Explore Jockfall. This package includes accommodation, all main meals and plenty of activities. It is available from SEK 13,900. Full details and possibility to book are online.

MLAU 2021 cancelled

Hi everyone,

the Swedish Government announced new measures in the fight against Covid-19. These measures will come into effect December 14th and replace any regulations currently in place in individual provinces. Unfortunately for the MLAU and many other races, the authorities decided to prohibit competitive sports events. I have discussed this with all of our Swedish partners who have helped so much in the planning so far and the conclusion is that, under these circumstances, the Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra 2021 needs to be cancelled.

We all knew it could happen but I believe both ultra event organisers and athletes like to think positive and that anything is possible. It’s especially disappointing because so many athletes, our sponsors and local partners have really embraced the idea of this race. But no use in looking back. We will try again for 2022 and I am sure it will be great!

If you would like to travel to Överkalix to get in some winter training, you can. Tourism is still possible in Sweden. You would be able to get time on trails and of course you can enjoy some activities like visiting reindeers, snowmobiling, guided snowshoe tours and others. Once I have more information, I will pass it on to you.

Rimfrost Adventures will continue to have the Survival Course. So, anybody booked for that, you can still do the course.

I will travel to Överkalix this winter for trail work. That way, in March I should have the full details for 2022. That’s also when I want to be able to take entries for next winter. In the meantime, I will try to find out when the Yukon Quest will start in 2022. Then I can set the dates, both for the MYAU and MLAU. The rough idea is to have the race in the Yukon early February and then Sweden early March.

Thank you for having been part of this journey. I hope that you all stay safe during this continued pandemic. 2021 should be the year we get some stability back in our lives. So we can plan and prepare for adventures that we know will to take place for sure.

Stay tuned! I will continue posting news here on this page and also on our website.

Best regards,

Robert Pollhammer

Introducing you to Överkalix Camping – Start/Finish/CP #4

Today I want to introduce you to Överkalix Camping where we will be hosted by Sofi Holmgren and her team.

Överkalix Camping has got a campground with 85 tent sites, 20 spots for caravans and 11 great cabins of different sizes. It is located right next to the Kalix River, giving you some stunning views!
In the summertime there is a heated pool, outdoor fitness, playground for the kids and plenty of space to explore – if you ever want to check Överkalix out with your entire family in the warmer months of the year. Like Jockfall it is also a perfect place to use as a base for winter adventures in and around Överkalix.

During the Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra, Överkalix Camping will be one of the places where athletes and crew will stay. Furthermore, it is where our race will start February 7th and it is right next to the so called Folkets Hus Överkalix, where we will have our checkpoint #4, the finish of the 185 km and a few days later also the finish for the 485 km race.