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September 2021

The making of an Arctic Ultra

Copyright: Swedish Lapland

Last winter Håkan Hjort and Ted Logart from Swedish Lapland filmed myself, Linnea Nilsson-Waara, Niclas Bentzer and Robin Landin during two days of checking trails and infrastructure for the first MLAU. The result is below short documentary. I want to thank everyone who contributed and continues to help make this dream come true:

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Jockfall Fishing and Activities
Heart of Lapland
Swedish Lapland
Visit Överkalix
SOTO Outdoors Germany
REKO Biluthyrning i Norrbotten AB

Also, a big thank you to Peter Mild, Daniel Cedering from Cederingshästar, Henrik Drugge, S-o Larsson & team, everyone from the Överkalix Kommun and also Gälliväre Kommun, Överkalix Camping, all of the area’s snowmoblie clubs and the many other local people and companies who are welcoming the MLAU to the region!