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December 2023

Welcome to our new sponsor Wrightsock!

Ideally, as an event organiser you get to work with sponsors that make products you like. I have always been a big fan of Montane, I have known and used Kahtoola products for more than 15 years, I love the way Firepot expedition meals taste and I think SOTO make incredible stoves. Now I am super happy that we can add another brand to the list of our sponsors that is absolutely amazing:

Wrightsock is a US company that makes double layer socks. We get supported by their German distributor.

Over the years, I have used all of their socks. From thin to thick, low-cut and crew lengths. No other socks I have ever used, match their performance when it comes to the perfect climate for my feet.
They use a recycled Polyester inner layer that wicks moisture off the skin. Making sure your feet stay dry. Staying dry means staying cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter and ensuring your feet are more comfortable. Interaction between the inner and outer sock layers absorbs friction that is normally transferred to the skin. If you have not tried a Wrightsock, I really recommend you give them a chance. You will love it!

So, a big welcome to Wrightsock as our official partner for socks and supporting sponsor!

Early trail work

It takes a lot of work to prepare a good winter trail. As soon as the first snow hits the ground you need to go out and create a base. This winter cold temperatures and snow have arrived early in Swedish Lapland. Therefore, trail grooming already started some weeks ago. A big part of the trail breaking is done by the many regional snowmobile clubs in the Överkalix and Gällivare municipalities. Whenever and whereever possible, Robin Landin, Daniel Cedering, Henrik Drugge and Niclas Bentzer, who are part of the MLAU family and  have supported us much from day 1, join in the effort. So, a big THANK YOU to you and all the snowmobile clubs for being out there countless hours to make sure we and all other outdoor fans have a great trail – for snowmobiling, skiing, hiking, fatbiking and dog mushing.


A family affair

For Ida and Daniel Cedering and their kids Helga and Hilding, the Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra has been a family affair pretty much from day 1. Daniel has been and still is very involved in anything that has to do with the trails we use. He has been part of our race crew for the first two editions and will be back in our team in 2024, too. He took along Hilding when a bridge needed to be constructed to improve the trail. And they all have been cheering on athletes from their home, which is right next to the trail.

So, it’s only natural that, with the inauguration of our 20 km race distance, Ida, Helga and Hilding did not hesitate to sign up. We are super excited to have them with us and hope they inspire more families to give the Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra 20 km race a go!