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Things to do in Överkalix: Meet Hilda and Petter

By 18. November 2020NEWS ENGLISH

Apart from providing you all with the information you need for a great race, I will also use the next couple of months to introduce you to some of the things that you can do in Överkalix and surrounding area before or after the race. Maybe you have for friends and family members who travel with you but are not in the Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra? The activities and place I will inform you about will be great for them, too.

Like myself you probably associate Swedish Lapland with the Sami culture and reindeers. A great place to get really up close to some reindeers is at Kaati’s Reindeers & Design. Hilda and Petter are waiting for you! Your host Anna-Lena Kaati will be more than happy to tell you anything you could possibly want to know about these beautiful animals. Also, she has got a small shop at her place that sells very nice souvenirs.