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Guy Belchier wins 185 km race

By 7. March 2024March 9th, 2024NEWS ENGLISH
Copyright: John Summerton

Guy Belchier (UK), our first place winner in the 2024 Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra 185km distance, arrived at the finish line March 5th at 07:55 this morning.

Looking fresh, accomplished, and proud, Guy crossed the finish line next to the Grand Arctic Resort in Överkalix, the same spot from which he set off less than two days ago.

Well done for an incredibly well paced race in some very challenging conditions!

Congratulations also to all other finishers. Rank 2 went to Steve Bentley (UK) who reached Överkalix at 13:28 and 3rd place is Mark Frantzen (Germany) who came in at 20:02. Ludovic Seuillot (France) who was the fastest skier in the 185km came in before Mark but received a 6 hour time penalty for going the wrong way and requiring our assistance to be put back on track.

For the full results, please check out our results table.