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Early morning update from Day 2

By 7. March 2024NEWS ENGLISH
Copyright: Jonas Palsson

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An early morning update from our Race Headquarter at Jockfall:

It is 4am here and very quiet now. We had a busy afternoon yesterday, both at our checkpoints here in Jockfall and Polar Circle Cabin #1 but also out on the trail. Every day our snowmobile guides do one more check before the front runners. Today they had to discover that the unseasonably warm temperatures caused a dangerous situation on some of the lakes ahead of us. So, the decision was made to find a way around these problem areas. Time for some serious re-marking … And we had to make sure all athletes understand what is going on because the GPS track they have – if they use it to check their position – would at some point tell them they are not on the trail, even though they are following the markers. They are all briefed that the markers are what matters but it’s still a confusing situation. We were able to tell the athletes in time, especially the ones in the lead who were closest to the problem.

Instead of lakes with overflow, a section of the trail leading to Överkalix further south, is now on a ploughed backcountry road. The runners and bikers will LOVE that. Of course that stretch won’t last forever and they will soon enough face softer trails again.
Overall, we are now seeing more scratches – just that it’s not so much because of the cold and the distance. Instead it’s soft trail and the distance. Athletes who decided not to continue are Jens Klinkhammer (Germany), Thomas Werner (Germany), Vedangi Kulkarni (India), Daniel Gruber (Germany) and Stefan Zahlten (Germany). Each had different reasons. They are all resting and recovering.

A group of athletes are still here in Jockfall. Everyone else is on their way or resting further south, on the way to Överkalix.
Our 185 km finish line is ready for Guy Belchier (UK) who should rank first in this distance if nothing unexpected happens. Currently leading in the 500 km is German biker Florian Reiterberger, with a number of participants on his heel.

It’s still not very cold but it does feel a bit colder tonight. At least that will help “cool down the engines” as the athletes work their way along the trails. Hopefully, it’s also enough to firm up the surface at least a little bit.