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Arctic Winter Skills

Details for MLAU 2024 Training Course

Copyright: Follow The Sun Photography

Per from Rimfrost Adventures who organises the official MLAU training course, confirmed the details for next winter. Feedback to the course from the last two years has been excellent. Once again, it will also be open to people who actually won’t do the race, i.e. anyone interested in learning and practising essential skills for winter adventures with a pulk sled can sign up.

Dates for the course are February 26th to 29th, 2024. Location is the beautiful Jockfall.

The full course details and contact details for Per you will find on the Rimfrost website.

2023 training course details

Copyright: Linnéa Isaksson @Follow The Sun Photography

Once again, Per and his team from Rimfrost Adventures will be hosting the MLAU training course. It will take place immediately before the race and thus enable athletes to do both the course and the MLAU in one trip. However, it is also possible to do the course in one winter and return to the race in another year.

Feedback to the course of 2022 has been excellent. Therefore, there will not be many changes to the original format. One difference to last winter will be that one indoor session will be done online prior to departure. That will allow for even more outdoor training time when the participants are in Sweden. Another change is the location. Rather than being in Kalix, which is quite a distance from Överkalix and Jockfall, this time the course will take place in Jockfall. For the athletes this is very convenient because Jockfall is also where any pre-race activity after the course takes place – see Race Info. So, no more transfers needed.

To book the training course, please get in touch with Per. For contact info and an overview of the course details, please check out the Training Course information on our website or go straight to the Rimfrost Adventures website.

Impressions of Rimfrost Adventure’s 2022 Arctic Survival Course – photographed by Linnéa Isaksson @Follow The Sun Photography.