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Expedition Meals

Firepot official MLAU 2024 partner for expedition meals

Firepot is a UK company that offers super high quality dehydrated expedition meals. They will partner with MLAU and offer a 15% discount to all MLAU athletes and they also provide our crew with meals in remote locations on the trail.

They use a different approach to the more common freeze-dried options for outdoor eating. Typically, freeze-dried meals are made using ingredients that have been dried separately, so the first time the flavours meet is when you add water to the pouch. And you can taste the difference. They cook each meal by hand, just as you would at home. Firepot ingredients are simple, honest and fresh, for explorers, adventurers and athletes who care as much about the nature they put into their body as the wild places they venture.

So, needless to say that we are super excited to have Firepot on board!

OutMeals – our official supplier of expedition meals

Studies conducted by Dr. med. Mathias Steinach from the Center for Space Medicine Berlin during the Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra have confirmed that athletes during an extreme winter race burn incredible amounts of calories. We also know that eating enough is a key factor in avoiding hypothermia and frostbite. Like in Canada, we will provide a hot meal at most checkpoints during the Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra. However, that’s by far not enough. All athletes need to complement this with additional meals. The most popular way for athletes to achieve this, is by taking along expediton meals. As you would want from any meal, these should be of high quality and tasty. Something to look forward to on the next big break. That’s what OutMeals stands for since 2014. This Swedish company sells different brands and their focus is business with the military. However, they also sell some consumer brands, amongst them Blå Band.

As our official supplier OutMeals enables us to offer MLAU athletes to order Blå Band “Dry” meals at a reduced price. In addition OutMeals will make a free of charge bulk shipment to Jockfall of any pre-ordered food. That helps participants who make use of this offer to reduce weight in their luggage and/or to gain room for other items they need to bring with them.

Thank you OutMeals!